Jude brand

Demon, one of the characters in Commoner By Choice

The saga continues...

There are still golden fortunes to be found in Idaho's rugged mountains, and one of them may belong to Eliza Jane Dollarhide. But first she has to find it. The best guide she can find is Micah King, son of a black slave and a half-Indian woman. The only clue they have is a few lines written by a dead man who once owned a gold mine deep in the wilderness. Their every step is shadowed by a man who believes he has more right to the miner's legacy than Eliza does. And he is willing to do anything—including murder—to get what is his.

Micah would protect Eliza with his life, even if he hadn't come to love her. He leads her along a dimly remembered, rugged trail he traveled once, long ago, hoping to evade their pursuers. Even as they admit their growing desire for each other, they recognize how uncertain their future together will be. These precious days together may be all they'll ever have.

After weeks of hazardous travel, they reach an isolated mining camp, only to face more challenges, more danger. Even if they survive, love may not, for them, conquer all.

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