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A Sisterly Regard

Two sisters and an assortment of suitors follow a tangled path with true love the goal.

A Sisterly Regard
eBook 978-1-60174-016-8

"...highly original in its situations and characterizations. While human emotions are basic, we know they are subject to molding by environment, and Ms. Glad understands that very well. Her delightful characters-driven novel reflects her familiarity with the Regency of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer. As a result, A SISTERLY REGARD's large and varied cast of characters is not made up of modern folk dressed up in period costume; they have opinions and motivations true to their time. And, Ms. Glad has titles and forms of address down perfectly!"~~!Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

The third dance was a waltz. The sisters remained at their mother's side, watching the dancers swirl about the room.

Chloe suddenly sat up straighter and laid her hand on her sister's arm. "Look, Phaedra, over by the door. Is that not the gentleman whom you helped along the road?"

She turned to look. "I do not believe it is. This gentleman is older and, I think, somewhat taller. Do not stare, Chloe. It is rude."

"Well, he is excessively handsome, all the same, and I am sure that I have seen him in the park." She raised her hand as if to wave to him.

"Chloe!" Phaedra caught her elbow. "Behave yourself. You have not been introduced to the gentleman. You may not claim acquaintance on the basis of a chance encounter."

Mama turned to look questioningly at Chloe. Phaedra quickly explained. The traitor.

"Chloe, that is exactly the sort of behavior that I warned you against," Mama scolded. "You must not give in to these unladylike urges. If the gentleman wishes to make our acquaintance, it is up to him to do so. To wave at a gentleman anywhere in public is not at all the thing. Here, at Almack's, it is unthinkable."

Chloe clamped her lips together and covertly watched the dark haired gentleman as he surveyed the room with his quizzing glass. As his glance came to her, she quirked her lips in a small smile. His glance passed on with no sign of recognition. She continued to watch the door. Soon another familiar face appeared. She started to raise a hand to catch the gentleman's attention, but remembering her mother's admonition, restrained herself.

The familiar visage was that of Mr. Reginald Farwell. Although not the sort of gentleman Chloe could consider for a husband, he was attractive enough. Dare she attract his attention? She became aware of her mother's vigilance, and did not attempt to do so.

Mr. Farwell threaded his way amongst the dancers to make his bow to the Duchess. Chloe could not hear his words, but they obviously included Lady Mary. She saw him write his name on the girl's dance card.

He then moved to bow in front of her mother. "Ah, Lady Gifford. How pleasant to see you again."

He appeared to stifle a yawn. "And the Misses Hazelbourne. Are you enjoying Almack's? Delightful. So lovely to encounter you once more." He moved on without ever actually looking at either of them.

Chloe's mouth fell open. Then she shut it with a click of teeth and her expression hardened.

What a rude man.

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