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"Behind the Ranges" Book X
Coming 16 February 2018

Micah King married young, because he is an honorable man and the woman needed a husband. But now she is dead and he is free. Almost.

Eliza Dollarhide needs someone to guide her into the wilderness where her inheritance may be hidden. So for one summer Micah will set his responsibilities aside and seize the chance to have an adventure.

Their quest turns into something more dangerous when they realize that someone is trying to kill one or both of them. They flee deep into the fastness of Idaho's mountains, following a half-forgotten trail Micah traveled once, many years ago. As they face danger together, they come to accept their differences, appreciate their similarities. Before long shared hardship and togetherness lead to love, yet they recognize he fact that even if they survive, it may not be enough.

The world may not be ready for two such as they to marry. Love may not, for them, conquer all.

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