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Behind The Ranges Historical Romances

Redfish lake and Mt. Heyburn

Something hidden. Go and find it.
   Go and look behind the Ranges—
Something lost behind the Ranges.
   Lost and waiting for you. Go!

Rudyard Kipling, The Explorer

Book I: Excerpt
The Queen of Cherry Vale cover
2000 National Readers' Choice Award Finalist
Book II: Excerpt
Ice Princess cover
ERA finalist, Historical Category, 2002
Book III: Excerpt
The Duchess of Ophir Creek cover
"...a fast-paced, deeply moving story of friendship and dedication..."
Book IV: Excerpt
Noble Savage cover
"...a story of love, honor, and revenge."
Book V: Excerpt
Knight in a Black Hat cover
"...passion and terror in the wilderness."
Book VI: Excerpt
The Lost Baroness cover
"...a wonderfully intelligent book that does not insult the reader."
Book XII: Excerpt
The Imperial Engineer cover
A woman with a mission and a man who denies his heritage
Book VIII: Excerpt
Undercover Cavaliere cover
"...a suspenseful series of misadventures and dangers..."
Book IX: Excerpt
Squire's Quest cover
"...a boy's dream, a man's challenge..."
Holiday Novella: Excerpt
Lord of Misrule cover
"After the wedding, then what?"
For information about the trade paperback editions of Books I through IX see the excerpt pages.

Lonesome Creek

is only lonely until the right man comes along...

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Lonesome Creek cover